Hello from the North Georgia Mountains….one of the most beautiful and peaceful places on earth. As anyone who has been here will agree, God blessed this area with an abundance of trees, fresh air and water, and beautiful scenery year round. We have gorgeous springs with mountain laurel, forsythia, dogwood, and wild azalea bursting out in bloom. The summers are lush green and dotted with the colors of all the wild flowers that bloom here. Our autumns draw people from farther south to see all the glorious colors of the leaves as the trees and land prepare for their winters’ rest and rejuvenation for the following spring. Our winters are always a surprise…..we may have “sweater” weather one day and snow the next.
I live in Blue Ridge, Georgia a small (but growing) town in Fannin County, near the Tennessee and North Carolina state lines. Although the downtown area is a booming antique and tourist Mecca, the people of Blue Ridge still give it the home-town feel. Quiet and laid back, the county is a retirement and vacation haven for many seeking the calm and serenity the mountains emit.
As Blue Ridge and the Fannin County area grow, so does the need for information for our local people and our visitors. We hope to provide some of that information here on MainStreet-BlueRidge.

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